Updated Student Rooms

Thanks to the donations of sisters far and wide, the bedroom renovation project began on May 11. It was a truly historic day, as the last significant remodel of the bedrooms happened in 1952 when the 3rd floor was added!

Given the COVID-19 uncertainties, the HCB wisely decided to only use the funds “in hand” for renovations this summer. Again, thanks to our sisters’ support, the campaign contributed approximately $420,000–enough to cover the cost of the remodeling of the bedrooms, minus the furniture, for now.

There have been some surprising discoveries and vintage treasures uncovered since the start of the bedroom renovation project on May 11. You can see some of these treasures here

The 22 bedrooms upstairs are very similar to what many of us would remember from decades ago. Over time, any available funds were targeted to remodel the public areas downstairs to enhance Recruitment competitiveness, leaving little left for updates to these bedrooms over the past decade.

The proposed design for the new rooms includes built-in furniture to maximize floor space, upgrades to electrical systems, new flooring, fixtures, closet space and paint. The new, updated look will continue out into the hallways, stairway landings, balcony and back stairs. 

The good news upstairs is that the bathrooms were totally gutted and remodeled within the 10 years, through loans taken out by the House Corporation Board (HCB) to make these much needed improvements. That loan and one taken to significantly upgrade the downstairs Big Room and Kitchen and install sprinkler systems throughout the House are being paid back at an accelerated rate by the HCB.