Naming Opportunities

Make a lasting impact on our chapter and be recognized for your contributions for years to come.

Contact Karen McComb Farabee for information: or 512-217-4566

Gifts of $5,000 and above will be recognized on a plaque downstairs in the Chapter House.

Contributions or gifts to Alpha Phi Building Association are not tax deductible as charitable contributions. 

$150,000 gift
  • Entry Garden (already claimed)

$100,000 gift

  • Chapter Room
  • TV Room
  • Dining Room
$50,000 gift
  • Entry Porch (already claimed)

$25,000 gift

  • Dorm Room (22 available)
  • Guest Suite

$10,000 gift

  • Recognition in Entry Garden

Many thanks to our sisters who have already pledged or donated.


Lead Donors

Dick and Sara Ross Rathgeber

$25,000 and Above

Omega Chapter


Karen McComb Farabee

Diane Johanson Jones

Renee Nichols Tucei

Suzanne Bynum Vrana

Charlotte Plemmons Warren

$5,000 up to $25,000

Beth Ann Riggs Black

Elaine  Blaisdell-Taylor

Betsy Begien Coker

Jamie Blakey Cornelius

Lori Sandt Givens

Laura Main Graham

Susan Saxon Griswold

Julie  Johnson

Jennifer Kuhn Kinman

Betsy Joyce Kinney

Laura Flores Macom

Lisa Daniel Malesky

Tyna Thompson Marshall

Bilinda Cox Matusek

Mary Ann Mellenbruch Meigs

Tricia Land Moose

Nan Wallrath Musso

In Memory of Carol Patterson Neimann

Gloria Kelso Riddle

Pat Laird Schenkel

Ruth Rathgeber Scribner

Joni Robson Smith

Jennifer Donnelly Straach

Miriam Karbal Waddell

Lauri Cope Wasmuth

Dana Baker Wilkirson

$1,000 up to $5,000


Jane Grizzard Biggs

Linda Robertson Brownlee

Michelle Ivy Cottrell

Kelly Fruendt Davison

Alicia  Garza

Sam LaRue Gerdes

Colleen  Gold

Wendy  Hallmark

Diane Wood Halper

Maria DeCesare Haskell

Susan  Hasslocher

Hollyn Sauer Keith

Linda Cresswell Lambert

Laura  Loomans

Bonnie  McCarty

Heidi Huhn Partain

Cay Berthelot Quoyeser

Sherree Strauch Schraeder

Up to $1,000

Rose Marie Gill Banack

Holland  Bass

Kamala  Bergeron

Patti McGee Black

Kristin  Bonanno

Vivvi  Britton

Anne  Brown

Coty Pacek  Bush

Natalie  Campbell

Linda  Coffey

Kristina Seibert Eckerling

Michelle  Germano

Catherine Chanida Goodner

Kathy Robertson Gossett

Jenny Elvig Greger

Marjorie   Guidry

Kimberly  Hart

Lynn  Hayes

Amy Fortner Heiss

Brenda Dolenz Helmer

Whitney Hueber Hodges

Sharon Siegmund Horn

Sandra Loden Hunt

Vicki VanDuzee Interrante

Elizabeth Hartley Irby

Elizabeth  Jantz

Ashley  Jennings

Heather  Karbal

Karol  Keils

Amy  Kelly

Maddy Marks Lingwall

Sharon Havard Mathews

Patricia Blachly Meadows

Jennifer Fielder Meiners

Stacy  Meyer

Katharine McMann Miller

Libby Rafferty Moebius

Caitlyn  Mullikin

Patty Mueller Napp

Lynnette  Osborne

Stacey Andrews Oswald

Glenna  Peterson

Emily Castille Prus

Terri Pietrzak Ransleben

Jill Young Reilly

Pat Connally Robbins

Candace Mitchell Robinson

Britney  Sauer

Morgan  Semple

Maria  Serrano

Teri Cockerill Shorey

Megan Patak Smith

Claudia  Stephens

Ashley  Street

Amanda  Stringer

Judy Holt Studebaker

Kelcie  Theis

Michelle Jones Thompson

Margaret Frain Wallace

Christina Kerford Welch

Caren Wallace Wendt

Allison  Westmoreland

Sarah Arndt White

Katie  White

Terry Morriss Williams

Barbara Harrison Wilson

Debbie Caskey Yarotsky

Melissa Reilly Zawisza